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Lead Generation done right, using Social
Media, Pay Per View, Email, and Call Center

Godspeed Marketing Corp provides qualified and targeted leads to our clients. By using our in-house team of publishers, we are able to control the entire lead generation process thus, perfecting the process of ensuring interest from each lead we generate.


Our leads are always fresh, ensuring high connectivity and level of interest. All leads pass through our proprietary funnel in real time, ensuring no fraud and only quality leads are delivered.

Over our 6 years in business,

we have serviced 7 countries,
10 lead niches, 1221 clients,
each represented by a yellow
dot on this map.

Over our 6 years in business,

we have serviced 7 countries, 10 lead niches, 1221 clients, each represented by a yellow dot on this map.

Our clients depend on our leads for the success of their day to day operations. We utilize various forms of marketing to bring our clients qualified quality leads. Our leads are all generated by Social Media, Pay Per View, Email and Call Center marketing and put through a strict prospecting and qualification process. Only the highest quality leads are sent to our clients.


By taking the time to directly manage every niche as a separate feed, we are able to generate real qualified leads for our clients on a routine basis. We are the best at what we do because we treat each of our clients as a part of our team, showing a sincere care for their success.


Call center qualifying leads through our proprietary 3 step program enables our clients to precisely target each lead prior to engaging the freshly generated lead.

Our Staff are our Backbone to Success

Benjamin Lord – Founder & Consultant


Benjamin Lord is the Founder of GodSpeed.

Benjamin is also the Founder of IndigoBooks.us, a 501c3 non-for-profit charity dedicated to providing books, scholarships and better access to accredited Universities to underprivileged, disadvantaged or low-income Indigenous Peoples of all countries and thousands of communities.

Every school year, Benjamin also sponsors two New York City children from a low-income household to attend private school.

Robb Richardson - CTO - Project Management


Robb Richardson, IT Consultant, has consulted and managed several IT companies.

Robb’s focus at GodSpeed is managing large projects and delivering solutions on time and on budget. Robb has years of experience to match his computer science degree and numerous Network Certifications. Robb’s hobbies include boating, hiking outdoors and travel.

Support Desk

Our easy to reach representatives are on standby, readily available to help answer any questions you may have about our lead generation and order fulfillment process. Our support phones and emails are online, making contact simple and easy.


Each of our representatives are experts in lead generation and have an extensive understanding of the website design industry. This ensures that any questions you may have will be answered accurately and professionally.

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